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Detoxify and Revitalize with Ion Detox Foot Bath

Experience the rejuvenating power of our Ion Detox Foot Bath at Create Beauty Body Sculpting. This innovative treatment not only helps in detoxifying the lymphatic system but also holds the potential for weight loss and fat loss. Discover how this therapy can support your overall well-being and bring about a renewed sense of vitality.

Detoxifying the Lymphatic System:

The Ion Detox Foot Bath employs osmosis to draw out toxins from your body. By generating ions in the foot bath, a gentle electrical current helps create a concentration gradient that facilitates the removal of toxins through the numerous pores in your feet. This process activates your cells, enhances metabolism, and detoxifies all your organs, leading to a revitalized body and mind.

Weight Loss and Fat Loss Potential:

Embarking on a course of 8 treatments, spaced every two or three days, can offer remarkable benefits. Throughout the sessions, you may observe the excretion of toxins in the water, which can vary in color and consistency. Don't be alarmed if you notice lymphatic fat or mucus floating on the water; this is a normal occurrence. As you progress, continuing with 2-3 maintenance treatments per month can further support your weight loss journey and overall health.

Benefits and Aftermath:

Following a detox session with our Ion Detox Foot Spa, you can anticipate a deep, restful sleep and renewed energy the next day. As you undergo a series of treatments, you'll experience improved circulation, decreased joint stiffness, firmer skin, enhanced digestion, and reduced recovery time from injuries or surgeries. Moreover, you'll enjoy benefits such as a fortified immune system, enhanced liver and kidney functions, increased metabolism, mental clarity, and an overall sense of well-being.

Safety Considerations and Maintenance:

While this treatment offers numerous advantages, it is important to note that pregnant women, individuals with pacemakers or implanted organs, those with epilepsy, and individuals with open wounds on their feet should refrain from using the Ion Detox Foot Spa. Additionally, it is crucial to engage in a detoxification maintenance program after completing the initial protocol of 8 treatments.

Experience the Healing Power:

Immerse your feet in warm water, set the foot spa to the appropriate settings, and relax for 30 minutes as the Ion Detox Foot Bath works its magic. The treatment stimulates your entire body, including the kidneys and liver, empowering them to enhance their natural detoxification abilities. Over the next 24-48 hours, your body will continue to undergo the detoxification process, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Don't miss the opportunity to embark on this transformative journey. Join us at Create Beauty Body Sculpting, located at 171 Town Square Rd, Copperopolis, California. Contact us at 209-299-6106 to get on the waiting list and unlock the benefits of our upcoming Ion Detox Foot Bath service. Rediscover the power of inner cleansing and radiate a healthier, more vibrant you.


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