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First-Class Service

Welcome to Create Beauty, the gold country's premier face and body asesthetics boutique.  Our ultimate goal for our clients at Create Beauty is to restore skin health, drastically slow the aging process, and enhance your natural beauty for years to come. 


Create Beauty is designed to make high tech body sculpting treatments more approachable and accessible for everyone.  We believe that everyone deserves to feel great in their skin and we work hard to design personalized treatment plans that help people reach their body sculpting goals. Our tech-forward practice leverages the latest advances in beauty science to deliver natural looking results that last.

Our Philosophy


At Create Beauty, we have an "all-in" passion to be a positive force for change when it comes to building confidence and betterment in people.  We are body confidence specialists.  We weave every best practice into one best-in-class experience to achieve the best body possible.  We stand by our work. Efficacy and remarkable results are paramount.  Ultimately, we want to be your confidant and lifetime support community to sustain positive change.  At Create Beauty, we believe that "being your best" is an attainable, worthy, and celebratory lifestyle.

Serene Experience at the Spa

Our Community


Join our vibrant community of wellness enthusiasts at Create Beauty Copperopolis. Explore our Groups page to connect with like-minded individuals on your journey to holistic health. Discover support, motivation, and inspiration as you embark on transformative experiences together. Whether you're seeking accountability, camaraderie, or shared interests, our groups provide a supportive environment to thrive. Join us and elevate your wellness journey today.

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